About Christopher Kubasik & This Blog

I was  a lead designer on the TORG and Earthdawn roleplaying games and wrote RPG material for TSR, FASA, West End Games, and Mayfair games. I currently live in Los Angeles, still playing games, but now also write stuff for actors to say and, when directing, get people to have a good time saying them.


2 Responses to “About Christopher Kubasik & This Blog”

  1. playsorcerer Says:

    And thank you!

  2. epweissengruber Says:

    Hello Chris. I am thinking of runing a Sorcerer Bootcamp at an upcoming con in Toronto. Do you have any advice? Could I buy that PDF from you somehow? I would love to promote your Play Sorcerer project. Maybe I could send you a detailed actual play report of what we do. I can be emailed here:epweissengruber at hotmail dot com.

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