A Note About Tags

Play Sorcerer posts are text from the pages I wrote over the last few years. They are not subdivided because a) all the piece of Sorcerer fold into one another and sub-tagging would become weird; and b) the headers will provide the essential topic. (If it’s focused on Kickers, the title will have the word “Kicker.”) The Play Sorcerer posts are written to be read in order, staring with Play Sorcerer 1 and moving on.

Actual Play posts are about Actual Plan I’ve done, recounting the process of setting up or actually playing.

Setting posts are settings from Actual Play, or settings I’ve thought about but haven’t played in yet.

Sorcerer & Story posts are thoughts on the intersection of the game Sorcerer and what I know about story.

Other specific posts (Kickers, Demons, Ritual, whatever) are posts about those topics, independent of Play Sorcerer posts. Usually very specific to that topic, or at least very much focused on it.


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