PLAY SORCERER 81: V. The Game Master and Players Gather for Character Creation (16)


16. Descriptors—nailing down your Character’s Point of View

Make sure to use the Descriptors in the books! I know, I know, you want to start customizing and tooling around. Don’t. At least for a while. Either of the lists in Sorcerer or Sorcerer & Soul should give you a proper spectrum of descriptors to handle almost any setting.

Keep in mind that the Descriptors are not so much “setting-specific” as they are “attitude-specific” for the Characters.

Their true value is nailing down how your Character sees himself or herself in the world, to sketch quickly what your Character values, how your Character interacts with the world and with life in general.

This matters! These quick-sketch elements will inform how your character approaches problems, how he or she reacts under stress, what he or she values.

No matter what the value of the Stamina Score, a character with the “Scrapper” Descriptor whose “upbringing included frequent physical violence” is going to carry himself different and respond to violence differently than someone with “Military Training.” And both of those people are different than someone who is “Chemically Heightened” and depends on uppers as a mean to physical excellence.

And, of course, the Will and Lore Descriptors function the same way. The Descriptors are there first and foremost for you to get a handle on your Character’s point-of-view, choices about life, reactions to life, and experiences of life so far.



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