PLAY SORCERER 79: V. The Game Master and Players Gather for Character Creation (14)


14. Scores—The Relative Value of the Scores

The relative difference between Scores represent likelihood of success, but never certainty. Before you start any Conflict, keep that in mind.

The Sorcerer conflict resolution system depends on risk. To enter a conflict of any kind, no matter how many more dice you have over your opponent, means the possibility that your opponent will win the roll. A character rolling only one die against your six dice can still swing a Victory over you.

Moreover, in Sorcerer conflicts, once a character begins taking Penalties, the conflict can go bad for that character fast.

To enter a conflict, then, is always a big deal. The notion is not that you should never enter a conflict because of the risk, but that whatever you pick up the dice to do better be worth the risk.



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