PLAY SORCERER 78: V. The Game Master and Players Gather for Character Creation (13)


13. Scores—Your Character is more than the scores

Characters in Sorcerer are seldom differentiated very much by their Scores. I note this only to point out that the values of the Scores is not what matters to making a Character unique in Sorcerer play.

From my experience, the most defining qualities of a Sorcerer Character are what is written on the Character Grid, the Score Descriptor and the Kicker. In other words, what makes a character most uniquely a character in Sorcerer is what he cares about and how he behaves. Those two things are all the elements of Price and Lore and Cover and the Kicker.

The Scores do matter, of course. They define the relative value of your Character when entering any kind of conflict against another character. They help establish details of your Character by their relative value to each other on your Character Sheet (a man with a Stamina of 2 and Will of 2 but a Lore of 4 or 5 is clearly a specific kind of person!)

But my point is that to make your Character unique and worth playing you’ll need to go past the scores and into the words you fill out on the page. Those are the qualities that make your Character compelling and worth following.



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