PLAY SORCERER 73: V. The Game Master and Players Gather for Character Creation (8)


8. The Game Master asks questions as gifts

When asking questions I never treat it as an interrogation, or as a moment of frustration, or that the Players are failing.

I ask questions the same way I’d be asking questions if I was helping someone with a script he or she was writing: What are you really going for here? What matters here? To you? What specifically do you care about? How can you make this more clear?”

I’m not saying that my Players don’t sometimes feel on the spot in these moments. Coming up with ideas on the spot clearly puts people on the spot.

My point is I always try to make my approach that of giving gifts. Presumptuous or not, I always assume that I’m offering the Player a chance to go deeper into what he or she cares about. I see it as giving breathing room and a chance to imagine.



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