PLAY SORCERER 72: V. The Game Master and Players Gather for Character Creation (7)


7. The Game Master asks questions For Clairity

The other reason the Game Master might ask questions is because he or she isn’t sure what a Player is getting at with an idea for his or her Character. This is another reason we make Characters together—so everyone is on the same page about the elements that will launch us into the story.

For example, a Player might say, “I want my Kicker to be, ‘My guy realize some of my socks are going missing.’”

Now, if I was the Game Master in this moment, I know I’d ask questions, because that Kicker doesn’t sound compelling enough to me. I’d ask questions because I’m assuming there’s something the Player is going for, but I’m not seeing it.

I might say, “So, Kickers, by definition, are compelling, emotionally or morally visceral in some way, demanding a choice or decision on the part of the Character. I’m not sure I’m getting that with the socks. What is about the socks that heads us down that road?”

“Well,” the Player might say, “I mean, my guy knows something is wrong.”

“Okay. So a mystery of some kind. Your guy knows something is off, something mundane that implies something bigger.”


“So, what would be a bigger version of that thing.”

“I don’t know…”

“Well, no rush. Just turn the dial up.”

“Well, I like the idea… what if he realizes lots of this things are missing. Like, at first he thinks he’s being forgetful. He thinks he’s misplaced his cell phone. His keys. But then he realizes they’re gone.”

“And what would be the moment he realizes this… what does he see, what happens.”

“He sees another him… walking down the street, wearing his clothes, carrying his cell phone, about to pay for something with a credit card from his wallet.”

I’d then say something like, “Awesome.”



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