PLAY SORCERER 70: V. The Game Master and Players Gather for Character Creation (5)


5. Talk out loud

Making Characters is a social process. That’s why we gather to do it together.

As you, a Player, brainstorm, you’ll be asking questions of the Game Master: “Can I have a Demon like this?” Or, “Wait, what if my Kicker is this?”

Or you’ll say, “My Character’s Price is a limp he got when he bound his demon. He had to go out and start a fight with some gang members down the street, and he got his leg broken. It’s -1 penalty for all running or jumping or physical activity like that.”

You’ll be brainstorming out loud or making announcements out loud, allowing others to hear what your thinking about doing.

You’ll also be hearing what others are thinking about doing. In this way, you’re all brainstorming together, inspiring each other and getting a clearer idea of what every Player cares about, why the Characters matter to each Player, and finding out the things that make you curious about each other’s Characters. You don’t do this to “connect” the characters in any way. You do it to share what you care about with the people you’re about to make something with as a group.



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