PLAY SORCERER 69: V. The Game Master and Players Gather for Character Creation (4)


4. You Must Care for the System to Work

Are you interested in the relationships between parents and children? Build that relationship onto your Character sheet somehow. Are you interested in how we use violence to get things done? Are you afraid of how we use violence to get things done? Then get that onto your Character sheet—be a soldier, perhaps, or a therapist working with soldiers coming back from the war.

The point is, when making your Character, dig around for the things you care about, the things that interest you, and get them on your Character Sheet.

If you do this, who your Character is will be a Character you care about. If you do this, what you care about will be part of play. If what you care about is part of play, the story you make will be something you care about.

Note that by the time you take these you care about and write them down on your Character sheet, they are in no way intellectual or conceptual. The things that you write down on your Character sheet are other characters, places or things that matter a great deal to your Character, or references to events that happened that affected your Character in a visceral or dramatic way. There is no way around this. Everything that matters to you gets translated into specific, emotional and visceral bits of fiction on your Character sheet.



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