PLAY SORCERER 68: V. The Game Master and Players Gather for Character Creation (3)


3. Trust the system

Sorcerer can’t make a story for you.

Sorcerer is a tool or a toy for making stories socially. Like a piano or paintbrush it can help you make something, but it can’t make music or a painting for you.

The first step to taking responsibility for playing Sorcerer well is to invest the Character you’re creating. Like any piece of fiction, when the creator is invested in the characters the story will be stronger.

More importantly, you won’t be able to “make a story” by standing outside of your Character.

Sorcerer aids you in making story by providing a structural framework based on the craft of making story—defined relationships between characters via the Character Grid; fusing characters with situations via Kickers; the freedom for characters to drive the story through their actions; thematic material woven viscerally and visually into the narrative through the use of Humanity and Lore; a conflict resolution system that constantly challenges Characters to question what matters most and provides unexpected results that opens the narrative up in new directions; the Game Master introduces threat and opportunity, reversals and revelations via Bangs, which inspire new actins and new directions on the part of the Characters; all of this driving toward a climax in the form of the resolution of Kickers.

The value of this framework is that you, as a Player, never have to worry about building a story on purpose or thinking from outside your Character as to what would make the best story. You are free, instead, to invest fully in your Character. And you must do this. When you are brainstorming your Character or filling out the Character sheet write down things that truly interest you.



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