PLAY SORCERER 67: V. The Game Master and Players Gather for Character Creation (2)


2. We do Character creation together

Everyone gathers for the Character creation session—the Game Master and the Players. We do this because we’re getting into habits as a group.

We listen to each other, we ask questions, we make suggestions, we talk, we get inspired, we get an idea from someone else that suddenly sparks something for own Character.

This is how we play Sorcerer. And we start practicing how to play now, even before the story begins.

Even if we’ve played together before, we haven’t done it yet with these colors, we haven’t done it with this setting, we haven’t done it with these Characters we’re building.

Moreover, as each Player is building his or her Character, we’re learning what each Player at the table wants in the story, what they care about, why they care about their Character. In Sorcerer, everything on the Character sheet matters. They are all clues and signals to the Game Master from the Player: “My Characters relationship with my daughter to me. That’s why I created a daughter for my Character. Make sure she’s part of the story.” And so on.

We do this in front of everyone and together so we’re all witness to and part of these creations of these Characters—because these Characters are the most important part of any Sorcerer story. The more we know about why the Player created the Character the way he or she did, the more we can become invested in the Characters as co-collaborators of the story and as members of the audience watching the Characters in action.



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