PLAY SORCERER 66: V. The Game Master and Players Gather for Character Creation (1)


1. Unity and Variety

When a painter paints a painting, he doesn’t grab a tube of every of colors he can in order to make the painting. If he did that he’d have too many colors. The human eye would become confused.

Instead he selects a limited palette of colors. He doesn’t need a tube of every color he might need, because even if he doesn’t have a green on his palette, he’ll be able to make a green from yellow and blue.

But mixing the colors from his limited palette, he can make countless colors of varying hue and tonal value. But all colors and hues and tonal values are mixed from a small set of colors, which provides focus and clarity for the painting. The limited palette provides aesthetic Unity, and by mixing this Unity in new ways, the painter creates all sorts of Variety.

So it is when we sit down to make Characters as a group. The Game Master has created the “colors of setting”. We have images, references to other media and stories, definitions of Humanity, Lore, Demons and what happens to someone at a Humanity of 0.

These colors provide Unity for the setting. By working with them and brainstorming from them, we produce Variety in our Characters and the Sorcerer play to come.

This is one of the many reasons why Sorcerer play doesn’t run off the rails despite all the Variety that his possible. By growing what we invent from what as already existed and been created, we hold to a creative Unity even as we expand with greater and greater Variety.

As always, I say this not to get you to intellectualize about this, but to get you to understand and trust it. We are pattern-making creatures. By simply learning to let your imaginative brain circle around what has come before, you will intuitively learn grow new, unexpected ideas and bits of fiction that are part of a unified whole even as you create variety within that unity.

Trust it.



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