PLAY SORCERER 65: IV. The Game Master Gathers Supplies (1)


1. Tricks of the Game Master Trade

When I Game Master Sorcerer, I use the following:

  • A notebook of some kind for taking down notes at the Players brainstorm their characters.
  • A stack of index cards to use for all the characters the Players will be brainstorming who have relationships with their Characters. When Game Masterering Sorcerer I use one index card per character. The stat blocks of Sorcerer are fairly tight and I can usually get all the numbers on one side of the card and descriptive notes on the other side. Using either an box designed for holding index cards or a rubber band, I can bundle all the characters up and I’m ready to go.
  • Printouts of the Character Sheets and Demon sheets. If you are using the Character Sheet from the Sorcerer rule book, make sure to print both sides. The second side, usually called “the back of the character sheet” is important that I’ve redesigned the Character Sheet so that what I call “The Character Grid” is front and center.
  • Two types of markers of some kind to track next action penalties and lasting penalties. I used to use white beads and red beads from a craft store year ago, using white beads for next round penalties and the red for lasting penalties. I know use the paperclip method from Sorcerer. You can use whatever you want. But I have found using these items to be the smoothest and most efficient way of tracking penalties.
  • I also have printed up the list of Score Descriptors from both Sorcerer and Sorcerer & Sword, along with their descriptions, so Players have them on hand to reference while we make Characters.


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