PLAY SORCERER 64: III. The Game Master Pitches the Brushstrokes of Setting to Players (5)


5. If the Colors Don’t appeal to the players

If you’re the Game Master and your potential Players aren’t interested in the setting, what do you do? You move on.

You’re players, after all, aren’t trying to hurt you or stop you from having fun. They’re just being honest: the setting that excites you just isn’t doing that much for them. It’s not a big deal. You had a good time making it up. And now you’ll do it again.

What if some of the group you want to play with is excited about it, but not everyone? Well, maybe you’ll be playing with some of them, but not all of them. Talk it over with everyone. See what everyone thinks on this matter.

But whatever you do, don’t take it personally—and don’t make it personal for the Players. It is, after all, just making up a story with people you like. If you don’t do it this time around, you’ll do it with another setting.



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