PLAY SORCERER 62: III. The Game Master Pitches the Brushstrokes of Setting to Players (3)


3. Players and the “brushstrokes of setting”

If you’re a Player and the Game Master describes the setting to you, whether in an email or sitting down to talk to you about it or whatever, you’ll have a reaction. Trust that reaction.

Keep in mind that you’ve only been given the brushstrokes of the setting.  You’ll be able to grow these core elements out into fully rendered picture through play.

If you have questions about the setting, make sure to ask the Game Master. By talking your questions out, you’ll have a better idea of what the Game Master meant and what possibilities he or she is thinking about for play. You’ll probably arrive with ideas or thoughts the Game Master hadn’t considered. But by doing this, you’ll most like be properly expanding the Game Master’s notion of what the setting will be like. Remember, you’re all in this together. What the Game Master needs most of all is people invested in growing those “colors of setting” out into something cool.

Sometimes, however, you’re just not going to respond to a setting. It either doesn’t scratch your itch, or you just can’t imagine what kind of Character you’d want to play, or some part of it just actively turns you off.

Make sure to check with the Game Master to see if you’re missing something or if the Game Master can adjusts things to suddenly turn the setting around for you. After all, he hasn’t seen the setting brusthstrokes from the Player’s point of view yet.

But if the colors really don’t click for you, then say so. You’re not doing anyone any favors entering into creating a Character and socially built story if you’re not actually invested in the first bits of fiction stuff the Game Master has created.

There’s not shame in saying you’re not interested. It’s just fact. Maybe the Game Master will come up with another setting. Maybe you’ll just sit out this series of Sorcerer play. Or maybe you’ll think about it some more and find a way in to the setting as it stands.



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