PLAY SORCERER 61: III. The Game Master Pitches the Brushstrokes of Setting to Players (2)


2. The Players have to want to play the setting

An important thing about Sorcerer: all the players—the Game Master and the Players—are in this together.

That is, everyone has to be invested in wanting to play Sorcerer, with the setting elements the Game Master has created, with the people that have been invited to play.

If any of these pieces are off, then things most likely won’t work out at the table.

When you pitch the “brushstrokes of setting” you’ve created, your pitching to find out if there is interest.

If they’re not interested, that’s all right. You’ll just come up with another sketch to offer them. Don’t take it personally if people say no. Assume they are doing you a favor.

The Players are not going to be playing in the Game Master’s “world”—there is no world yet.

The Players are not going to be playing in the Game Master’s story—there is no story yet.

Everyone is going to be growing the world and the setting together, in one way or another, from the “colors of setting” the Game Master has created. If the Players don’t dig those “colors of setting”, if there aren’t elements that they find compelling, seeing Characters they want to play or envisioning bits of visual candy that turns the on they’re not going to be able fake that.



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