Some Thoughts on the “Brushstrokes of Setting” Posts


The posts I put up about “Brushstrokes of Setting” are sections of Play Sorcerer I wrote a couple of years ago.

Since then I’ve thought more about the game, had several conversations with Jesse Burneko, and, of course, read Annotated Sorcerer.

Even though I was working from Sorcerer’s Soul, I think in years past I probably went too heavy on lining up image and setting. Especially for straight up Sorcerer. But even beyond that. I think Ron’s points in Annotated Sorcerer should be taken to heart: Use the best shorthand you can think of for the setting (Here and Now being the briefest one can find, of course), describe the Demons with specific look and feel… and then hand it all over to the Players to make up their Characters. Don’t worry about how much the Players tie their Characters to one another. Just let them find the Characters they find most compelling, based off the quick sketch of setting and demons.

I would say that the description I have here for my Mud-Shit Fantasy is all that is needed for the fantasy. And that Demons described as artifacts of power (weapons, religious icons, representations of power like thrones or rings, stone towers, with smatterings of old pagan-like things like holy trees and so forth) is all I’d need to say or want to say.

Just some thoughts.


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