PLAY SORCERER 59: II. Remember, Always, What You Care About (2)


2. Trust what excites you; Trust what turns you on

Making things is a mix of two things: Your gut instincts (impulse) and rational thought (craft).

You’ve seen that when thinking through my “colors of setting”, I clearly am seeing the pieces in relationship to each other. This is craft. This is me saying, “Well, I’m interested in Humanity being such-and-such, so what would be the opposite of that for the behavior for rituals of Lore?” Or, “I’m really curious about a setting that looks like such-and-such, so let’s daydream a moment and figure out what Demons might look like, to really make them central to the setting’s look and feel.”

But you should never let craft become mere intellectualism. When I talk about Humanity, always—always—assume I am speaking of something I care very much about. When I’m thinking up what Demons might look like or what the setting images, know that I’m thinking of things that really excite me, that I really want to play with in a story.

If I’m not excited about the things I’m brainstorming—if it’s purely an intellectual exercise—I know I’m not there yet. I go deeper, or into a different direction, finding those images or ideas or impulses that make me thing, “Yeah, I don’t know where I could watch this, but if it was on television, I’d watch it every week.”



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