PLAY SORCERER 54: I. The Game Master Brainstorms Brushstrokes of Setting (5)


5. What happens when a Character’s Humanity hits 0?

The opposite of Humanity is a Humanity score of 0.

As long as a character has a Humanity above 0 he or she is still possesses humanity—even if he or she has done some horrible things. But the moment a character’s Humanity drop to 0, the character is still a human being but has now lost all of his or her humanity.

When you, as the Game Master, consider the definition of Humanity, work out as well what happens if a character’s Humanity drops to 0. In the rules of the Sorcerer rulebook, the Character becomes a character of the Game Master — since the character is no longer worthy of being a protagonist. But Sorcerer’s Soul suggests that there might be specific repercussions if Humanity reaches zero.

Even as an exercise (whether Humanity is customized or not) think about what a person would behave like and be like if he or she had no Humanity left. This will spark your imagination as you think about what it means to be human — as this is the opposite of a Humanity of zero. The will offer you clues about the moral compass and concerns of the fiction and give you clues as to some of the Bangs you’ll be introducing.



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