PLAY SORCERER 52: I. The Game Master Brainstorms Brushstrokes of Setting (3)


3. Inspiring images and ideas

The Game Master can find inspiration from whatever tickles his or her fancy: comic books, novels, television shows, movies and so on. The Game Master is also encouraged to daydream whatever he or she thinks is most compelling setting to play in.

If you are the Game Master, you are looking for images or references to share with your potential Players. Things that will allow them to get excited about what you want to play. These can be words you right or images you find from the Internet or references to other books or movies.

However, you are looking for inspiration, not a setting someone else has made. Remember that the Player Characters will be some of the most powerful people in the fiction you are creating. Remember, too, that you don’t want a setting that has to be “protected” in any way. There setting is there — like any dramatic narrative — to put pressure on the Characters as the camera is pointed at them. ¬†Make sure not to get tied down to a specific setting someone else has created.

We play Sorcerer to make stories socially. Make sure to start with ideas and images that are, ultimately, yours — gifts you’ll bring to the Players so you can all create the setting out situation together.



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