PLAY SORCERER 51: I. The Game Master Brainstorms Brushstrokes of Setting (2)


2. the Game Master puts his or her imprint on the fiction to be played

This is why this is an important step. The Game Master is saying:

“I really want to play in setting like this. These are things I care about, that turn me on. If we made up a story in this kind of setting, I know I’d have a great time.”

Essentially, at this time the Game Master is just sketching things lightly. He is choosing the basic colors of the palette for a painting. By mixing these colors in new combinations,

Among the things for the Game Maser to consider are:

  • Inspiring images or ideas
  • What is the setting’s definition of Humanity?
  • What happens when a Character’s Humanity hits 0?
  • What are Demons in this setting?
  • What Lore is like?


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