PLAY SORCERER 43: Selecting Ideas


Another story:

I attend a panel, where Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio are being interviewed. This writing team guys wrote the screenplays for Shrek, Aladdin, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and a whole host of other films, so I give them credit for knowing how to handle ideas and dealing with story.

They say, “Look, everyone always focuses on getting ideas. ‘Where do you get your ideas?’ people ask. But the issue isn’t getting ideas. Trust us, you all have ideas. Everyone has ideas. Our heads are stuffed with ideas. So the key isn’t where do you get your ideas.

“The key is, which idea do you want? Which idea is most appropriate? Creating a story isn’t just generating ideas. It’s selecting which ideas make the most sense. You’re looking for the appropriate idea that fits with all the other pieces you already have.”

And I would offer this to you, as well, for when you play Sorcerer.

I say this not to frighten you or weigh you down with unfortunate expectations. After all, I’ve already stated you can’t be wrong.

What I’m doing here is pointing out that sometimes when you aren’t sure what to say next, it isn’t because you don’t have ideas. It’s because some part of your brain is sorting through the ideas you already have. You actually have lots of ideas. Always.

But because you are a person of taste and hidden genius, you know that some ideas will be more effective than others. There probably isn’t one best idea you’re seeking out. My guess is there are several ideas that will suit the situation at hand. But on occasion you’ll need to give yourself free-reign to fumble around with them to sort them out.

So… you are not failing if you take a moment to do this. This is just part of the creative process. And playing Sorcerer, which sitting around with people making up stories socially, is a creative process.


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