PLAY SORCERER 37: Situation Before the Kicker


To review: Before play proper begins at the first session, you will have already created a lot of situation for your Character during the Character creation session.

What was happening in your Character’s life be he or she got involved in sorcery. Why did he or she get involved in sorcery? How did he or she get involved in sorcery? What it cost your Character to seek sorcery out? How did your Character contact and summon a Demon? What did it cost your Character to bind the Demon? How has your Character’s life changed since summoning the Demon…

And then, once you know everything up that point (as well as all the details you’ve written on the Character sheet) you’re ready for your Character’s Kicker to come into play.

Now, sometimes a great deal of time will have passed between the binding of your starting Demon. On the other hand, the Kicker could come right on the heels of the binding. And it could be in a time frame of all points in between. This will be up to you.

The point, though, is that many of the things that brought you to binding a Demon are part of your Characters life now: Telltale, Price, Lore, and, of course, your Demon. Whatever has been happening in your Character’s life hasn’t just neatly wrapped up, because, clearly, in a Sorcerer story, your Character is still a sorcerer.

So what has been going on? What is it that has compelled your Character to keep his Demon? Did your Character finish off the matter that caused him to summon a demon in the first place? Or does the matter still linger? Did he or she think he had finished off the matter—and suddenly the matter rises up once more, catching your Character off guard? Has your Character moved on to bigger and better ambitions, which in turn causes new problems? Or have things taken a turn for the worse since your Character summoned a Demon and he or she is trying to claw out of a dire situation?

What I’m advising against is simply making up a story as to why and how your Character got a Demon and then cutting forward in time to the moment of the Kicker as if all the time in-between didn’t exist. Of course it exists! And in fact it’s an incredibly important period of time. It the time since your Character first became a sorcerer! All that stuff matters. And from that time will grow your Kicker.



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