PLAY SORCERER 33: Relationships with Demons are Dysfunctional… but also Functional


Ron Edwards has said that Sorcerer is a game about dysfunctional relationships. And certainly relationships with Demons are dysfunctional.

But to see them only that way is to let us off the hook. It lets us say, “Well, I’m above that. I would never do this really. Clearly a sorcerer would just Banish his demon and get on with his life.”

And thinking like that is going to screw up the game.

Because here is the thing you have to keep in mind: The relationship may be dysfunctional. But you know what? It’s still working. The sorcerer is getting something out of it. If you forget this during Character creation and when you create your Kicker and when you are playing your sorcerer will be nothing more than a fool. Because he keeps his relationship with his demon because something about it is working.

When building your character remember this: The relationship with the Demon is working in some way. Make sure you know what your sorcerer is getting from the relationship. Make sure you know what your sorcerer is planning to get from the relationship in the future.

A demon is making your Character’s life a mess. That much is sure. But that Demon is also helping your Character get exactly what he wants. Never forget that. Never forget the emotional possibility of that. If you could get what you wanted at any cost, what would that thing be? If you had a thing that could help you do it, what would that thing be?

The answer to these questions may or may not be what you play. But you need to have that kind of emotional honesty when building your sorcerer and his or her demon.



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