Sorcerer & Sword Character Sheet


I decided to re-work my home character sheet to look a lot more like the sheet found in Sorcerer. This allows more breathing room for information and making notes. I’ve also decided to adopt the “paper-clip” method for damage per the rule book. I had been using two different colored beads for a while (one for temporary, one for permanent) but I think the paper clips marking damage along the side of the character sheet will work faster.

There are two sides, just as in the Sorcerer book — though I think they should be printed on two separate sheets of paper so you can see them side-by-side in play.

This is the one for Sorcerer & Sword. I’ll get to the basic Sorcerer soon. You can easily change “Past” to “Cover” and your golden, however.

Sorcerer & Sword Character Sheet



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