PLAY SORCERER 29: Demons are a Relationship


Demons are like any tool one might use—a gun, a hammer, a blinding light. They help a sorcerer get things done. They offer a power that goes beyond what most people think can be done—and this gives a sorcerer a distinct edge over almost anyone else on the planet. People know that a driven will can accomplish extraordinary deeds. But in Sorcerer, the driven will of a Character can literally reshape the nature of reality.

But Demons are not just tools. They are not pets, minions or magical items to be used as and whenever one wishes. To bind to a Demon is to have a relationship with the Demon. This is a distinctly different

For some reason people miss this all the time, so I’m going to be explicit: Demons are characters in the story. And they are specifically there are Game Masters to use to engage the Characters in all sorts of story shenanigans. That’s why Demons have Needs and Desires that catch up the Characters.

But I believe that for successful Sorcerer play, the Characters need to be more than employees with a tricky salary and benefits package. When creating the starting Demons, the Player should be asking, “What sorts of problems do I want my Character to have? What sorts of Needs and Desires on the part of my Character’s starting Demon do I really want to engage with? What’s either going to make me laugh, or get me scared, or really force me to challenge my beliefs about things?

When thinking about all this, remember that your Character contacted this creature, summoned it, bound it. You did all this for some sort of ambition or trouble or situation or dream or need, your heart Character twisting his or her heart with the action and deed of Lore that literally brought into this world something that does not exist.

When I create a starting Demon in Sorcerer, I think all this through because I want the Demon to make sense in the context of my Character. My Character twisted his or her humanity to make this thing—to contact it, to summon it—and so there’s no way it is some sort of impersonal creation independent of my Character’s personality, ambitions, emotions and concerns. At least how that’s I see it when I’m setting up the Demon’s Needs and Desires.

The Needs and Desires I establish for my Demon might compliment my Character’s personality in some way or agitate them every time we interact. My Character might be intrigued by the Demon’s Needs and Desires, or repelled by them. I might build a Demon that my Character loves hanging out, a Demon my Character simply loathes, and so on. But in all these possibilities what is at stake is how the Demon and my Character interact. However you establish the Demon—it’s type, its Powers, its Needs and Desires, think always of how you have a relationship with the creature.



2 Responses to “PLAY SORCERER 29: Demons are a Relationship”

  1. neilnjae Says:

    No particular comment other than that I’m really enjoying these articles. Keep them up! I’m itching to play some more Sorcerer soon…

  2. playsorcerer Says:

    Thanks so much! So glad you’re liking them!

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