PLAY SORCERER 28: Demons are not Here


The metaphysics of Sorcerer are somewhat tricky, sometimes difficult to grasp, and very important. I’m going to make a pass at them here:

Here are some of the rules Ron Edwards has laid out for the logic of sorcery:

  • There is no such thing as magic
  • Demons do not exist
  • There is not “secret reality” of the way things really are that the rest of the human race doesn’t know about

So, if there is no such thing as magic and Demons do not exist, what are Demons doing hanging around with sorcerers and how did the sorcerers end up with them?

The Sorcerer rules are rather explicit about this: It is the Will of sorcerers that allows them to contact, summon and bind demons.

But what does that mean? How is all this possible?

Here is how I translate all this the for my own play: No matter what a sorcerer believes, he is actually conjuring the Demon into existence from his own will. Make no mistake: all the rituals of Lore are vital to this act. The sorcerer must do transgressive things, must be willing to do transgressive things, in order to break the bounds of human limitations. By doing the words and deeds required of whatever the Lore is, the sorcerer is breaking the laws of humanity with purpose—to dig and find a source of power that is beyond anything known by human nature.

In one way or another, for me, it’s like an addict it’s like the man or woman who taps alcohol to become more brave, or drugs to experience a pleasure beyond every day life, or the soldier-of-fortune looking for the constant rush by being in dangerous environments. Except, in the case of Sorcerer, the Character actually pulls off something far beyond courage or pleasure or adrenaline rush. Something like all those things but that manifests beyond the sorcerer and into the world itself, influencing people and objects in a way that defies nature.

Is the sorcerer, then, manifesting this demonic thing by some sort of psychic force of nature and crazily disguising it as a Demon in some sort of mental breakdown? No.

Is the Demon really there? Yes.

Do Demons exist? No.

The sorcerer, through sheer force of will, had changed everything: Something that does not exit somehow exists; something should have no power has power; something that has no personality has a personality.

Is it the Lore that makes this possible?

No. The rites and rituals or whatever of Lore are only there to turn the sorcerer’s heart. It is this turning of the heart, the active transgression against Humanity in such a focused, concentrated manner that make sorcery occur.



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