PLAY SORCERER 27: The Demon is a Gun


When you are playing a Character, keep this in mind: Your Demon is like a gun.

Your Character is not cracking the nature of reality to contact, summon and bind a demons because he’s fucked-up muther-fucker who likes doing fucked-up things. Your character is practicing sorcery because he or she cares about something so much that cracking the nature of the universe and forging a relationship with a Demon is the best solution he or she could come up with to make sure the problem is solved, wrongs are righted, goals are reached, treasures are obtained or whatever it is that matters to the Character so much.

Don’t waffle this.

By the rules a Character cannot end up with a Demon by accident. There’s not wandering down the beach and finding the a bottle in the sand and suddenly a Demon popping out without any effort on the part of Character.

No. If your Character has a relationship with a Demon it is because your Character has already risked his Humanity to get that Demon. Think about that for a moment—really let that sink in. You’re Character has already committed acts that threaten to reduce the Character’s Humanity. This is a big deal! So your Character better have a compelling, engaging, overwhelmingly honest reason for having taken these steps. If I may, your Character should have a very human reason for taking theses steps.

Because whatever is going on your Character’s life, your Character needed help. What those reasons are, whatever the emotional or moral context, the key is this: Your Character pursued a path that let him or her freakishly change the nature of the universe and introduce a Demon to this world.

In this way, a Demon is like a gun. You only pick a gun up when you need to get something done, and you pick up a gun because whatever you need to get done really matters.

And here’s another thing that makes a Demon like a gun. When you use a gun, there’s a very good chance your life, the life of people around you, and even the people you love might be changed forever. When the gun discharges, sometimes you, the person pulling the trigger. And other times you come back from a war with scars that no one can ever see. That’s what dealing with a Demon is all about.

Your Character chose to pick up a gun carved from beyond the nature of this universe. Why? What drove your Character to do it? What was so important? By the time play begins with your Character’s Kicker, what has your Character done with this Demon? What is your Character still doing with this Demon?

[Note: In some settings, like Sorcerer & Sword, many of the demons are here. The setting and taste of the group will determine this. But even in a world with sorcery and imminent demons, there still might be the things that have no place here, that a man breaks the rules of reality to bring to his aid.]



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