PLAY SORCERER 22: Lore — The Opposite of Humanity


Lore is what the Characters do to gain more power through the sorcerous rituals. However, the definition of Lore might will also cover mundane behaviors the Characters get involved with when hanging around with Demons in general or do on their own while in a rush or in desperate situations. That is, how the Characters treat people in mundane moments can lead to Humanity Loss rolls as well. If the Character is in a rush to get somewhere and steals someone’s car to get cross-town fast, that’s an act of selfishness. If Lore is defined as, “Acts of selfishness,” then the Character has to make a Humanity loss roll when he steals someone’s car. In this way, we learn something about this Character: when push comes to shove, he’s the kid of person who will take other people’s property. This act has special weight in this story, since acts of selfishness, as defined by the setting, are the opposite of being human. This is a big deal!

GMs: As far as the actual rites and rituals of Lore go, let the Players come up with their own ideas. As long as it matches the tone and feel and look of what makes sense for you go with it. Remember, you’re playing with other people for a reason: You can’t think of so many cool things on your own as you can with other people brainstorming with you. Letting the Players create Lore in the moment, in action, means that Lore will expand and grow in unexpected ways. The Player will be listening to each other, as you will be, and you’ll all be adopting and growing and adding upon the details as they are created.

Players: Lore is a very personal place of imagination for you. It’s the point where you find what their Character does the wrong thing in terms of humanity and reality, how far you’ll go, what sorts of things you value and will desecrate on behalf of your Characters needs. What is the sweet spot for “wrong” for you? Where do you draw the line on what might be too uncomfortable to describe, but uncomfortable enough to make it worth delving into?

That’s why these things are things best left to you. This is one of the many places where you get to share what matters to you. Always keep that in mind. Lore is where your Character crosses over a line about something you value. Don’t do gross things to be gross or whatnot. Think first of what matters most to you, where your heart lies, what matters most to you about human beings. Always using that as your divining rod will always give moments and scenes of Lore an incredible narrative power.



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