PLAY SORCERER 11: How Does the Story Not Go All Crazy?


You might be thinking, “But if we don’t guide the story somehow, if we don’t know where we’re going, how the big bad-guy is the Characters battle in the end, how do we know the story will be good? How will it have any form or coherence?”

Well, I’ll tell you: It will happen because you—that is the Game Master and the Players, collectively, at the table—will make it have form and coherence.

You won’t have to work to hard at it. Really. Don’t think too hard about it. And I’ll tell you why:

Humans are pattern-making creatures. We like making order out of chaos. We find order in chaos. When you begin down the path of kicking-off the Kickers and then working your way toward the resolution of the Kickers, all of you will begin spotting and seeking and snagging little bits of thematic or narrative material to grab onto or circle back to.

More importantly, and this is so straightforward you’re not going to believe me at first and you might not understand me at first, but if you, especially as Player, work toward agendas and goals and ambitions and make decisions for your Characters that you really believe are true and sound and emotionally honest for your character you are making the order; you are making the pattern.

When you are playing Sorcerer, there is not story “out there” to find. There is not story to get “right.” The story is what your character does. You will look back on the series of events and choices and go, “Oh, look at that. A story.”

I will tell you this, and it is a true thing—a thing that that other people who have Game Mastered Sorcerer have told me, and a thing I have experienced myself:

After the final session of a Sorcerer story, the Players, to a one, will say to the GM at some point, “And that story you built, that was so cool! The way it all came together!”

And I will say to them, “But I didn’t build anything! You built it! You told me where the story was going! You drove it from the beginning to the end!”

Every time.

Is that it? Is it really that simple?

Not quite. There is one magic trick Sorcerer pulls of in its early procedures.



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