PLAY SORCERER 10: The Plot is the Wake Left by the Action of the Characters


If you’re a Player, by the time you’re done making your characters you’re going to know many things about your Character.

You’re going to know why they Contacted, Summoned and Bound a Demon and how they went about doing it. You’re going to know what it cost them to do this (Price). How it has affected them (Telltale). Who matters to them in their life (all the characters listed in the quadrants of their Character Grid) as well any objects or places of great importance to them (the same). You’ll know an immediate situation that has thrown the Character off balance (the Kicker) that drives the Character into action. And you’ll know that this situation, once resolved, will end the tales being made.

That needs to be visceral, emotional stuff. There’s no need to intellectualize anything about Humanity. What you need to do is fill out all those elements on your Character Sheet with stuff that you actually find emotionally compelling and interesting and something you can’t wait to have a chance to feel in action. Not because they’re about you necessarily (though they could be) but because this is your chance to invest into something that intrigues you. And once the Kicker kicks off, you can be off an running with your character.

What do you need to do as a Player in Sorcerer? Grab all those things you wrote down and GO!

What does your Character care about? What matters to this person? What does he or she need to do? How far will he or she go to get something done? Where will he or she draw the line?

All you need to do is be an advocate for this Character and all the elements you’ve created for the Character. You just feel, in your nervous system, in your imagination, in your heart—wherever that strange, creative activity occurs—what your characters wants next, would say next, would do next. And then speak those things.

Because you know what will happen if you do that?

You’ll make a story.



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