PLAY SORCERER 7: This Is Not An Intellectual Exercise


You might not believe me about this—at least not at first. But what I’m discussing is not an intellectual exercise for you to perform during play.

Making a story should be as visceral an experience as watching it. It’s exciting to make something. It’s compelling. You’re investing yourself in making something you want to make. There are few things cooler.

Moreover, as you make your Sorcerer story, you’ll find yourself heavily invested in the point of view of the character you are portraying. You’ll find yourself wondering how he or she would respond to different situation, deciding how far he or she will go to get something, working hard to win what must be won and discovering where you’ll draw a line for your character and let something go.

You’ll be moving back and forth between deeply invested in creatively representing, feeling and expressing your character’s concerns in some way and acknowledging that one creative choice you can make is more interesting to you than all the other choices. But even this decision, I have found, is always more based on what seems “right” for the emotional and visceral life of the character than any concerns for craft on my part.

The reason I’m bringing this up is not because I want you to get ready to sit back from your characters and do what is “right” to build the “best” story. That’s the furthest thing from what you should do.

No, my point is simply that I want you to be aware of it—this notion that at the core of stories are characters making decisions about all sorts of thematic, emotional, moral and ethical things. It happens in stories, and it need to happen in Sorcerer play.



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