PLAY SORCERER 6: Time to Go Pro


You might not have noticed all the ethical, emotional and visceral choices the characters were making in the story you watched, but, like I said, they were there. If the story was worth watching or reading a second time, it was there.

In fact, here’s a challenge: Watch a movie or an episode of a television show you love, a movie or television show you think is worth watching more than once. If it’s a television show, pick a long form cable show, like Rome, The Wire, Deadwood, Battlestar Galacitca, Game of Thrones or something like that.

While watching the movie or television episode, have the remote control in one hand and a pen in your other, with a notepad on your lap. As you watch the story unfold note where characters have decisions and then write the decisions down.

That’s all I’m asking. I’m just saying, take a look. Start noticing all the times characters have to decide something, whether it’s Jack blowing off in his mother’s instructions to sell their cow for money in Jack and the Beanstalk, or Ripley having to decide whether to let her fellow crewmembers back on board the Nostromo in Alien, or Luke deciding to abide by his aunt and uncle’s request that he stay on the farm one more season in Star Wars.

I’m suggesting this because when we play Sorcerer, we’re not just receiving a story. We’re making a story. We will be both storyteller and audience as we play. But to be a creator of a story means learning a bit about the gears and pulleys that go into making a story.



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