SAVAGE BORN: Sorcerer & Sword in Action (Part Six – The First Session)


Colin is playing Golgrek Troll Reaver, Chief of an Orc clan. His Kicker was that he had a vision he should lead his clan to attack and re-claim the fortress lost years ago. The Kicker part is his Clan Shaman, Ruhu, says they should all avoid the Fortress and his vision is a trick.

Jesse is playing Gaius Ambrosius, High Priest of the Goddess of Death. His Kicker is that his apprentice was kidnapped by Ruhu.

The First Session
In the first session, Golgrek led his son (“You Are Me”) close to the fortress felt a presence of some sort reaching out to him. When he listened he went backward in his perceptions through the history of his race: First the present day clan and tribe he lived with, then the battles with the Empire, then the time before he was born, and then all the orcs who had lived and died before him, feeling their pain in death and joys in triumph, then back before they won their freedom, living under the lash of their Golgondran makers, then just a few of them, then just two, and then the first orc and then… nothing… back to the point before the Golgondran made the orcs and Golgrek’s kind existed at all.

Meanwhile, Gaius, upon hearing what happened to his apprentice, went rushing out to rescue her. He grabbed a sword off the apprentice’s brother, who was wounded in the attack, planning on hunting down an orc and killing him and imbuing the sword with death magic to head off and rescue the apprentice on his own.

The closest Orc he spotted was Golgrek, and he rushed to chase Golgrek down. Golgrek fled through the shadows of the forest. But Gaius asked the Goddes of Death to part the shadows and reveal his enemy. She did. Gauis rushed to run down Golgrek down with his horse. Golgrek was knocked to the ground (and already worn from his exertions trying to contact the thing in the Fortress), and then grabbed Gaius’ horse and drove it down to the ground. Gaius swing his sword fiercely. Golgrek grabbed a rock and used it to block the blow — then took the rock and smashed it against Gauis’ head. He knocked the priest out and ended up capturing him. He rejoined his son and other orcs and return to the clan camp with his prize.

There he discovered the apprentice already a prisoner. Golgrek announced his vision and Ruhu dismissed it, saying that their god (“Our God” — a crude stone rock they took from the Gongondran three genrations ago) said they should not go to the fortress. Ruhu said he captured the apprentice to find out how to destroy the Imperials without going to the fortress. This is how “Our God” wants them to proceed.

Giaus tried to use his death touch on Ruhu, Ruhu (also rich in Lore) saw it coming, jumped back — getting an acidic burn on his skin in the shape of a handprint… but still alive. Golgrek jumped to the apprentice, holding his axe’s blade against her throat to stop Giaus from using any more of his sorcery…

And that’s where we left it.

The whole thing very much as the feel of a Howard story where he alternates back and forth between protagonists, shifting point of view as they separate and come into conflict.


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