SAVAGE BORN: Sorcerer & Sword in Action (Part Seven – The Second Session & Beyond)


[Some of this was recapped two posts back…]

The Shaman challenges Golgrek to knock it off with his talk of attacking the Fortress. Golgrek got all in his face with “Are we orcs or what?” The Shaman claims the voice of “Our God” as his authority. Golgrek wants to know who serves who? The Shaman pulls and axe and they go at it. Golgrek doesn’t want to fight the Shaman, but it’s clear the Shaman is actually attacking Golgrek to take the Clan Chieftain position — which is to the death.

Golgrek is going to toss his axe at the Shaman’s feet and try to find peace. But Golgrek’s eldest son, You Are Me, out of love for his father, rushes the Shaman to try to save his dad. Golgrek is now drawn into the fight as he tries to save his son.

Meanwhile, Giaus rushes across the clan’s camp during the fight as all the orcs get caught up in the spectacle of their clan-strife, grabs his sword off the alter of Our God, where it has been placed, and rushes into the fight to protect a terrible blow from the Shaman striking You Are Me.

You Are Me doesn’t relent his attack on the Shaman. The Shaman is going to order the clan to attack Golgrek. Golgrek goes first, ramming his thick fingers right down the Shaman’s mouth, choking him and breaking his jaw. He lifts the shaman by the strange grip he has on him, carrying him to the stone that is Our God and batters the Shaman against the stone till he’s a bloody pulp.

The clan is shocked. Their Chieftain has slain their Shaman. These things happen, but there is no one to speak to Our God anymore.

Moreover, Golgrek is furious You Are Me stepped into a ritual battle, committing taboo. He strips You Are Me of his name, giving it to his second son, and banishes his first son from the clan until he can come back with a name he finds on his own.

Golgrek, grateful to Giaus, release Lucia, sending a group of orcs to escort them back to the Fortress. Giaus says he wants to stay. He is curious about Our God. Hoping to get closer to Giaus and learn more about the Gods his people are fighting, Giaus helps Golgrek bind Our God after sending the Goddess of Death along after Lucia to help guard her on the way back to the fortress.

Golgrek batters his forearms and hands against the stone that is Our God fiercely, tearing skin and bleeding. As Our God’s Desire is Dominance, the sacrifice of Ruhu’s bloody corpse, and the way it was delivered, adds a lot of dice to the roll! He binds the God. Everyone in the clan relaxes.

But Golgrek is troubled. He retreats to a cave and contemplates what it means to now be bound to Our God, as Our God tells him not to attack the Fortress.

Giaus, meanwhile, heads off into the wilds of the Great Forests, hoping to find the source of where Our God came from…


So, that’s how play began.

We played another four or five sessions, with Giaus and Golgrek eventually working together to save Golgrek’s son and stop an old god within a cave under the Imperial fortress.

I posted all that as a example of the collaborative nature of setting up Sorcerer and as a reassurance that by feeding the interests of the players, you actually get something very cool!


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3 Responses to “SAVAGE BORN: Sorcerer & Sword in Action (Part Seven – The Second Session & Beyond)”

  1. March Hare Says:

    Glad to see you’re posting again. There aren’t a lot of places to get my Sorcerer fix since The Forge closed down, and it’s always great to see the early stages of a Sorcerer game (as that’s the hardest part of running Sorcerer).

  2. playsorcerer Says:

    Although I don’t think I’ve got time to whip Play Sorcerer into a book, I’m going to be posting the material I wrote for it over the next few months. (They are the posts that are labeled and tagged “Play Sorcerer.”

    I’ll also be posting material like this: Actual play examples, links to interesting sites, character sheets and so on.

    Also, the Adept-Press forum is a great place to discuss Sorcerer!

  3. March Hare Says:

    It /was/ a great place. Hadn’t realized he moved the site. I was still accessing the old one. Thanks for the link!

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