SAVAGE BORN: Sorcerer & Sword in Action (Part Two – Fleshing Out the Setting)


As Colin and Jesse createdtheir characters, as is the way of Sorcerer & Sword, we fleshed out the background elements of the setting:

What’s the setting?
SAVAGE BORN: A pulp, weird fantasy setting (imagine A Weird Tales cover from back in the day)

The Dreaming Empire conquered the vast forests to the north with the help of the demonic gods — Death, Disease, Delirium, Despair and Destruction.

The conquered a race of pict-like humans summoned new gods to create a race of Orcs to battle the invaders. The picts were most conquered, and as they fell the Orcs rose up against them and battled both the picts and the Dreaming Empire for freedom. The Orcs have taken the gods of the creators and worship them as their own.

Two hundred years of war have passed and the Empire seems to be fading. The conquests of the Great Forests seem tenuous. Soldiers of the Dreaming Empire are torn between wanting to go home and wanting to do their duty and keep the dream of the Empire alive.

What’s the system?
Sorcerer (Sorcerer & Sword)

What’s going on?
The game turns out to be centered on a Fortress ruled by the Empire at the edge of the Empire’s influence in the Great Forest. It was originally ruled by the Golgondran (the Pictish-humans), then taken by the Orcs, and then taken in turn by Imperial troops stationed far from home. The soldiers are tasked with continuing to build a road through the great forests.

Who are the characters?

Colin is playing Golgrek Troll Reaver, Chief of an Orc clan. His Kicker was that he had a vision he should lead his clan to attack and re-claim the fortress lost years ago. The Kicker part is his Clan Shaman, Ruhu, says they should all avoid the Fortress and his vision is a trick.

Jesse is playing Gaius Ambrosius, High Priest of the Goddess of Death. His Kicker is that his apprentice was kidnapped by Ruhu.

The descriptors are straight out of Sorcerer & Sword. (Honestly, I don’t muck with the descriptors anymore. After looking them over a long time, I see that their job isn’t to establish setting as much to establish a variety of points-of-view of the characters. And between Sorcerer and S&Sword, there’s really enough to work with as is.)

Humanity is Friendship and Loyalty… which honestly hasn’t come into play yet. Both Gaius and Golgrek are functioning very much in their roles in their respective society. But, S&Sword plays a lighter game with Humanity in general.

I’m planning on ramping that up soon with some Bangs… but I’m also expecting my wonderful plays to start laying the groundwork for that as well.

Demons are gods of the respective cultures:

The Golgondran had gods — primitive, cruel and crude pagan things. The Golgondran (in secret ways) also created new gods so they could make the Orcs. They used the Orcs march south, raiding and conquering.

A man to the south contacted the God of Delirium for aid. Delirium said he would help, but only if the man would establish religious orders for his god-kin. The man agreed, and with the help of Delirium and his kin, a great empire was born. For the last thousand years the man who bound Delirium has been in a torpor, mumbling strange words that priests and witch write down and study as commands. In this way, the Dreaming Emperor rules the Dreaming Empire.

The Empire marched north, beat the snot out of the Golgondran. The Orcs rebelled against the Golgrondran masters. They killed the Golgondran priests and their Orc shamen took the Golgondran gods as their own from them, serving them and using them against the Golgondran and the soldiers of the Dreaming Empire.

The Golgondran are still around, and have a few of their old gods as well.


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