Future Perfect: A Setting for Sorcerer

I’ve always been drawn to the art of Warhammer 40K, loved the SPACE HULK game, but never really knew more about it than that.

I’ve got some people wanting to try Sorcerer, and along with some of the settings I’ve already got, I was thinking of doing something in the 40K universe.

And then I realized I really didn’t want to spend a lot of time learning the 40K universe. So I decided to just steal the art and make up my own setting!

Future Perfect takes place at the End Times of Earth’s history: Resources are running low, wars are still being fought, dynastic families struggle to keep their families and their people alive.

Sorcerers are people who use psionic abilities forged from their own thoughts melded with armored power suits.

• LORE is Selfishness.
• DEMONS are the powered armored suits.
• HUMANITY is Compassion – the ability to see the greater good of humanity, act on the needs of others not connected to you, forswearing or sacrificing your own needs or the needs of those closest to you for someone else.
• RITUALS are acts that rob others of life, love, security and dignity in the name of serving one’s own interests or the interests of those one loves
• At a HUMANITY OF 0 the Player Character can care only for his own needs, losing all connections with those he once fought for or loved. He becomes a gabbish, wandering the land slaughtering all and taking all he finds for himself.

I slammed together a five page PDF to show to my players. You can see it here.



5 Responses to “Future Perfect: A Setting for Sorcerer”

  1. oberonthefool Says:

    Nice. So, the power suits are sentient, right? Either through survival-at-all-costs oriented AI, or some form of magic? Maybe the armor is a manifestation of the wearer’s id?

    The psionically generated power armor bit reminds just a bit of Bliss Stage- which is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t read it.

    • playsorcerer Says:

      Hey hey!

      Here’s how I see the suits:

      They are vessels — computers waiting to interface with the Sorcerers. The Sorcerers summon and bind the “psionic systems” into them — like putting programs into a computer. The Sorcerers can summon and bind multiple psionic systems into a given power suit (this is how the Sorcerers can have multiple demons!) The psionic systems (Demons) are all Object Demons.

      I believe they are sentient in the sense that the Ring of Power from “The Lord of the Rings” is sentient. Each will have Needs and Desires, per the rules, and each will shut down or be cooperative or whatever its mood. I can see a power suit “freezing” up at inopportune times, or not turning on, or having a system short out just as a Sorcerer is rushing to put it on — if the Demon is hungry or heading into rebellion.

      As I type this, I’m seeing this: That every time you add a psionic system, your armor is altered somehow, like a tattoo that grows from the atomic level onto the surface — a kind of Steel Tattoo — a symbol of some kind. Like bikers or russian mobsters, with each Steel Tattoo being a reflection of how the Sorcerer got the psionic system. A symbol, a portrait, an object, a name… something like that. A kind of coat of arms of selfishness.

  2. oberonthefool Says:

    Sounds cool! If you like the art of 40k, you should look into the Iron Kingdoms minis, too, they have a similarly steampunky look. Plus, warkasters!

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