THE BROTHERHOOD – A Setting for Sorcerer


I played a 9 session game of Sorcerer last year with my buds Eric, Colin and Vasco. (Two sessions for character creation and 9 sessions of play.) Here’s a thumbnail of the game we set up, so you can see how flexible Sorcerer is in terms of setting and detail.

The game was called The Brotherhood. It was set in a state penitentiary, and Lore was all about the brutality of prison life.

Humanity was the ability to play by your own rules and not the rules of the system. Lore was acts of domination and submission. Demons were shivs, tattoos, cell blocks, drugs and so on. If your Humanity reached 0 you were a creature of prison, acting only in terms of domination and submission, never able to connect to another as a person.

David King was in jail for murdering the lawyer of the cult leader who had executed his daughter from behind bars.
Visili was a lifer (by choice) who had a cell block for a demon and never wanted to leave.
Roman was a convicted ex-cop who had murdered his own partner in an attempt to hide his dark deeds.

Each had learned the Lore in order to survive — or, in the case of the guy with the dead daughter — to get access to the cult leader and murder him.

David’s bound demons were a tattooed third eye on his forehead, and the tattoo of a gun on his arm.
Visili’s demon was the cell block he had lived in for the last 30 years.
Roman’s demon was a series of tattoos that covered his body that showed up after he beat the crap out of someone, with each tattoo showing an image of the beating.

David’s Kicker was that he discovers his daughter was still alive.
Visili’s was that another sorcerer was making a moving to take control of his demon from him.
Roman discovered a member of his crew had betrayed him and set him up for a hit.


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