Jesse Asks a Question

In the Comments, Jesse asked:


I’m curious about whether you’re intending to more or less preserve the progression of the supplements. On The Forge Ron recently reminded someone that a Relationship Map as defined in the Sorcerer’s Soul is an advanced technique with a very specific purpose that is not at all a requirement of *basic* Sorcerer play.

Do you plan on breaking those layers out and addressing how each layer builds on the previous one? Or is it going to be more a comprehensive approach assuming the reader is at least passingly familiar with the concepts across ALL supplements and understands where those devisions already exist?


I thought I’d reply here in a post.


This is will be one of those spots where Ron and I disagree. (If there was no disagreement of any kind between us then I suppose I’d never have had the inspiration to write the book!)

I don’t believe the Relationship Map is advanced. In fact, once I translated into my own way of looking at it, it’s very simple. It takes work, but in execution it is simple.

More importantly, if you don’t give Players the tool of the Relationship Map, what are they left with? How do they prep? Many methods of play prep are simply at odds with what Sorcerer requires to play. They simply will not function.

And if not those, what? Draw from Primetime Adventures? Dogs in the Vineyard? Without giving a clue to someone picking up the game as to how to get ready to play the players are thrown back on their own devices. Some will hit, some will miss. But why not give them a technique that works wonderfully well for the game right off the bat?

Is the Relationship Map the only prep one could use for a Sorcerer game? Of course not. Not by a long shot. But it is so smart and so useful that it is is an excellent choice.

The Game Master is going to have to prep somehow. In my view he might as well be handed the best tool available.

So, that’s my specific response to your specific example. In general, Play Sorcerer will be use a similar methodology for what goes into the book and what doesn’t. Is there something in the book or supplements that serves as a (in my view) a baseline for playing the game? Then I’m discussing it in Play Sorcerer.

That means pulling nuggets out of Sorcerer & Sword and Sorcerer & Soul and explicating. I mentioned this in passing to Ron, but I think most of the material in Sex & Sorcerer won’t be touched on in Player Sorcerer. This, I think, is the advanced stuff. It will certainly inform the game, but it adds a great do the thematic layers of the content. It isn’t part of what I consider “the bedrock” of game play.

And here’s what I mean by the “bedrock”:

You know “The Anatomy of Authored Roleplaying” essay in Sorcerer & Sword? As far as I’m concerned almost every rule and tool and technique found in the books is in service to Authored Roleplaying. That is the activity of the game — just as every game (Football, Risus, Go) has a specific activity. Play Sorcerer is all about explicating how the rules, tools and techniques of the game work, how they work together, and how they bring this activity about.

So, no… no sequence through the supplements at all. I see it more like each section will be about gears that interlock with each other as they turn: Bonus Dice, Relationship Maps, Demon Needs, and all of it. Some are gears within gears, others are very big and move many other gears. But its how these gears all work in concert to make the game do the thing it does.

Making sure the text actually does what I’m claiming it is going to do, that is, explains how different rules and tools and techniques influence each other, I think will be one of the greatest challenges of the book. But it’s very exciting to know I’ll be giving it a try.


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