The Interactive Toolkit: An Introduction

I wrote this series of articles for White Wolf / Inphobia Magazine about 15 years ago.

At the time I had been writing game rules, supplements and modules for several years. I had reached the end of the line for the hobby. I knew that the game companies kept saying that we would be giving the players a chance to build stories. But I knew that we were NOT giving Players the chance to build stories.

The games themselves were ill-suited as tools to build stories. The modules we published — written without any knowledge of who the protagonists might be — could of course never make proper stories since what mattered to the protagonist might have nothing to do with what was happening in the module. I babbled on about all this at great length for for issues.

At the time I saw no changes coming from the publishing companies. They knew how to make what they were making and creating something new would either frighten off or piss off our customers. I stopped writing for RPGs around then. I realized that I was a story geek, and that what mattered to me was stories.

Years later I would come across the game Sorcerer by Ron Edwards I was blown away — because here was a game that did so many of the things that I had been writing about in my Interactive Toolkit article years earlier. I never thought I would see such a game…. but here it was.

Lou Prosperi eventually contacted me and asked if he could post my articles on the Internet. I said sure. I really didn’t think anyone had paid any attention to them. It turns out I was wrong, and that they influenced the play of at least a few people’s games and playing style.

I’m posting them here, cleaned up, so people can see what I cared about back then, and what I’ll be caring about as I write Play Sorcerer.



4 Responses to “The Interactive Toolkit: An Introduction”

  1. The Interactive Toolkit: An Introduction Says:

    […] Go to the author’s original blog: The Interactive Toolkit: An Introduction […]

  2. edheil Says:

    I would be one of those guys who found your stuff on the internet and read it and it meant a lot to them. Thanks. 🙂

  3. playsorcerer Says:

    Thanks Man! It’s always strange on the boards when I read people talking about games I helped make or setting I helped create. It’s like, “I helped make some fun! Awesome!”

    The Internet has provided a whole second life to that series. I’m really grateful to Lou for providing it.

  4. Petr Asalkhanov Says:

    Hello. I was thinking about translating those 4 articles to Russian to post on a community blog. Is that ok with you?

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